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About Judges - Flood of 2004
In September of 2004, Burke County was hit by torrential rains leftover from a gulf coast hurricane. The result was flood waters around the Catawba and other rivers - the worst seen in the area in over 60 years. Below are some images from the affected areas.
Image taken of the back deck area of Judges.
The front parking lot of Judges. This is after the waters had receded some.
Arial view of the River Village area flooded by the swollen
Catawba River.
An image of Specialty Stone. This
2-story building just up the road from Judges was nearly completely underwater.
This is a view of Linville Falls,
located North of Morganton, showing the full force of the floodwaters.

(This is one of the local areas used in the filming of the movie The Last of the Mohicans)

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